Brief history of XXXXXXX Employment

Won most co-operative student in secondary school (While not technically employment, she still counts it as her greatest achievement to date.)

She’s been a sales assistance where she gained much experience in the retail industry and believes this has shaped the person she is today. For example a Summer spent on the Londis meat counter drove her to vegetarianism. The fast pace fashion industry is exciting and exhilarating for those working in a decent clothes shop which XXXXXXX did not. However she did get to wear lots of fake ghetto style jewellery and slogan vests in an effort by the owner to make her look ‘stylish’. Unfortunately it only succeeded in making her look like ‘Mr T’ and scared off their teenage market.

Is hired at the OMNIPLEX Cinema where in the job interview, her future boss would say ‘Yeah people usually go out drinking in the local pub on payday around here, the karaoke’s good’. To which She replied ‘you had me at drinking’. Three short years later, she leaves due to the embarrassment of working in a cinema in your twenty’s and having put on a stone and a half through free popcorn.

An unexpected move into costume work that surprised many, not least her Home Economics teacher Mrs O’Connor who recalls ‘A girl who could not sew for shit’. Apparently good timekeeping is rare in the arts and XXXXXXXX ability to turn up on time kept her employed for five whole years until they discovered she could not sew for shit.

Soon the publishing industry beckoned as she became an ‘online and offline researcher and marketing executive’ intern. Before being promoted to ‘Social media content, publicity officer and office assistant’ part-time worker. A ceremoniously promoted to full-time Office Manager cemented her position as a permanent member of the team…………………….before being let go two months later due to cutbacks. That damn €10 an hour nearly pushed the company to bankruptcy. Fortunately there was a new intern around to take over her job. Which left her free to pursue other interest such as binge watching Netflix, window shopping on-line and catching up with the goings on at her local Social Welfare Office. That Big Sue cracks her up!

(Background picture courtesy of the wildly talented Paul Foreman, if you like mind maps which I clearly do, definitely check him out at http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/  )


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Loving the work experience posts!!


    1. Thanks very much, its very therapeutic for me


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