Sleepless in Dublin/La La land

Apparently me and Jennifer Garner are having difficulty sleeping. The only difference is hers is a result of separating from her movie star husband whilst mine is a repercussion of sleeping in until 2 o’clock every day because I have nothing better to do but Hey potato, tomato I say. Either way I like the idea of her watching awful late night television like me. I wonder does she too enjoy the mesmorising effect of E! where the flashing lights lull you into a cross between zoned out consciousness and an epileptic fit. I find the egotistic ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ particularly good at turning me into one of those aliens off ‘Toy Story’. Every so often I let out an OOOOOHHHH and a ‘Kris is my master now’.  I like the way it allows my brain concentrate on more important issues than job seeking like, ‘just where is Bora Bora?’ or ‘If I had to be stuck on an Arran Island with one, which Kardashian would I prefer?’. I pretty sure I’d pick Scott. I’ve always thought he was a hop, skip and a jump away from going all American Psycho and I’d take that blood bath any day over a conversation with Kim.

Anyway during one of my late night session me and no doubt Jennifer came across an episode that was, dare I say it, particularly thought provoking. And while I don’t have the sophisticated tools needed to eloquently describe the narrative of a ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ episode. I’ll give it a shot in the dark, in the hope that you too may gain some wisdom in your life or Kardashdom if you will.

So Kris the manager/manager/manager, had forgotten how much she liked to play tennis so makes the decision to start playing again. This apparently requires a film crew to be present while she announces this decision to Kim, Kourt and Khloe. And to be fair I’m glad the camera crew were there because what happened next was unbelievable! Basically the 3 K’s laughed, get this, in Kris’s face. I mean that woman is practically like family to them. So Kris because of this doesn’t want to play tennis anymore because she felt stupid and not just because she was wearing a full tennis outfit complete with head and wrist sweatbands at the time. No, it was because they were insensitive to her feelings. Anyway somehow the girls managed to work this out in between working half an hour a month in their own stores and apologised to her. Which was lovely and the episode ended with the girls watching Kris playing tennis for ten seconds before being handsomely paid for their efforts. So basically the life lesson here is that Bora, Bora is is a small island northwest of Tahiti in the French Polynesia. YOUR WELCOME.




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