I lost myself to Terminal 2

My ‘perfect version of me’ got on the bus the other day. I almost missed her after all you don’t expect that sort of thing to happen on Gardiner street. But there she was, The enviable seasoned traveller I’ve always wanted to be. A person unafraid to stay in a hostel and share a communal bathroom. The type of person who doesn’t require a months research on travel adviser before booking a weekend away in Cork. Oh how I envy her type Even her outfit oozed a coolness that only comes from a Summer spent building huts for orphans in some remote area. She had on an Aztec orange skirt with worn hiking boots and thick woolly socks and she somehow managed to look as though she’d just stepped off a vogue travel shoot in between casting calls. She had with her this perfectly sized blue backpack the kind that didn’t hit people in the face whenever you moved or required an apology because it took up a seat reserved for elderly people. No this bag was manageable and effortless just like her. I realised our bus was beginning to near the airport and I found myself panicking. She’s going to get off and go somewhere amazing and I’m not and then it occurred to me. Maybe I could beg this complete stranger to take me with her? I mean sure it might be awkward for a few moments but then perhaps she was in the market for a travelling bestie or yearned for a conversational companion. I mean I wasn’t naive I knew I’d probably have to sell her on the idea. I figured I could start off by telling her about my jewellery making experience and how I felt certain I could finance our entire trip by selling beaded necklaces on exotic beaches to people who appreciate the abstract if she could just see her way to paying for my first plane ticket. If she was at all hesitant I would bring up my 2 weeks training in dance and I assumed once she heard I knew all the steps to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, well lets just say I felt pretty confident what her response would be. But before I’d even finished wording my speech in my head she was gone. The ‘traveling version of me’ had gotten off the bus. I lost her to terminal 2, along with her air of knowing exactly where she’s heading. Still at leased I’ll always have my beaded necklace empire.

image courtesy of the brilliant Steve Heath, check out the rest of his images at https://90steve.wordpress.com/tag/robert-frost/
info about his licensing http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/


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