A rose by any other name……sucks



This is a reference I received from a shop I worked in that was closing down (through no fault of my own may I add. I made many a helpful suggestion such as turning the heat on in Winter and not gluing the jewellery back together when its returned. None of which were taken on board). My flexi-part time hours involved working 5 days a week and regularly pretending to be the manager because I was the only employee in the shop. And a good job I did too, many a child went screaming back to their mum because of the scary lady behind the counter.  Anyway, I’ve always thought of this reference as less of an endorsement of my character and more of a confirmation of my existence on this earth.

Yes XXXXXXX appeared to exist while in my presence in the universe of the shop however what happened when she was no longer in my sphere of vision I cannot can confirm.

So existentially speaking I felt a whole lot better. Financially speaking I did not!


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