Miss Manager has left the building

I had nearly made it out of the building when I bumped into one  of the sales guys. At first he walked past and I thought I’d be able to leave with a teeny tiny bit of dignity. But it was not to be as he turned and asked

‘Are you okay?’.

Apparently the red eyes and chocolate smeared across my face was a giveaway.

‘NOOoooooo’ I wailed ‘I’m no longer Miss Manager’.

He seemed confused ‘I don’t understand……………..you were a manager’

‘A production manager’

‘I thought Peter was the production manager’

‘He left two months ago, didn’t you notice me handling all this extra responsibility around the office’

‘Is that why you kept giving us miniature post-its with comments on them.’

‘Yes I was trying to be organised’

‘So did Peter have a farewell do?’

‘Yes and it was a lot of fun’ I sobbed ‘We went to that new restaurant on Dawson Street’.

‘Ahh I really want to go there’

‘You should’ I bawled ‘Its LOOOVEEELY’

‘Don’t worry you’ll find something else in no time’

Why did everybody keep saying that to me, I started with them on a JobsBridge scheme does that seem like somebody who can walk into jobs effortlessly or somebody with absolutely any other options in life. I don’t know what impressed me the most that my production manager facade had fooled everyone into thinking I was a capable human being or that apparently nobody had bothered to look at my CV before they hired me. Either way I had decided this was a ‘bad day’ and that I would need a sugar fix soon as my emergency chocolate was wearing off. As I walked out the door for the last time I could hear the sales guy asking ‘Do you smell mint?’


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