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Back to square One

So there I was feeling pretty confident in my new role as production manager or as I liked to call myself Miss Manager. I mean sure I may have only got the promotion because two people left out of an office of four and my boss didn’t want to have to fork out for a new front door key but still I was Miss Manager, it would only be onwards and upwards from here on in. So confident was I that I started buying razor cartridges instead of disposables and EVEN signed up for automatic leap card top-up. Yes I was becoming a woman with plans. Two months in the role and I felt I was finally making headway. The scary 6 foot 5 salesman no longer made me want to cry in the cupboard and I finally had a desk at the window to stare out of when I was bored. Jobs don’t get much better than that in post-recession Ireland. I should have known when my 13 year old car passed its NCT that week that something was out of whack in the universe. After all god doesn’t give with one hand without sucker punching you in the gut with the other.

to be continued………


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